The Miller Maintenance team is proud to use Brewer CoteĀ® products for the best quality, appearance, and long-lasting performance.

Brewer Cote sealers provide protection from color-fading oxidation caused by sun, water, gasoline, and other damaging substances. Brewer Cote is a high solids, 100% refined tar emulsion pavement sealer conforming to all requirements of ASTM D5727. Brewer Cote is developed to the most stringent manufacturing and quality control standards in the industry. In addition to pavement sealers, Brewer Cote also provides:

  • Sealer additives
  • Crack fillers
  • Patching materials
  • Striping paint
  • Ancillary equipment

Brewer CoteĀ  a major force in the coatings and sealants market, continuing to satisfy customers with quality, service and value. Their sealers are specially formulated sealer additives to help suspend sand in the mixed material for application, which hardens newly dried material to better withstand traffic and provide better long term flexibility and petroleum resistance.

In addition to using Brewer Cote, we are a proud distributor of the product line. We also provide professional paving services and sell bulk asphalt to meet all of your project needs.

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