Hot Asphalt Patching

The success of your business depends on positive image. It is important that your customers perceive your business in a way that  inspires confidence. This begins with your building, driveway and parking lot. A parking lot and driveway that are full of potholes not only reflects poorly on your business, it can be a serious safety hazard and put you at risk for liability. Miller Maintenance can help you improve the appearance and safety of you parking lot with hot asphalt patching services.

We use professional hot asphalt patching methods to fill potholes and seal the edges to prevent water penetration and further damage. While hot asphalt patching is usually not a permanent fix, if done properly, a good repair can last a long time, until a more permanent solution can be done.

Multiple hot asphalt patching options are available to repair damaged areas, including full depth repair, partial depth repair, and surface patching. Our experienced experts will assess the current condition of your parking lot and recommend a repair plan that meets your budget.

We’re proud to have served many different businesses and commercial facilities in the Richmond, Kentucky area with our hot asphalt patching services. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business!

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