Hot Rubber Crack Filling

As the temperatures and atmospheric moisture levels change with the seasons, pavement shifts and cracks expand and contract. This causes paved surfaces, such as your parking lot and driveway to rapidly deteriorate. Miller Maintenance provides hot rubber crack filling services to seal cracks and keep moisture out, protecting your pavement and extending its service life.

Miller Maintenance seals cracks with a flexible hot rubber crack filling that bonds to the crack walls and moves with the pavement to prevent water intrusion. Two different approaches can be used for applying hot rubber crack filling to singular cracks: over-banding and routing. In the over-banding process, cracks are first thoroughly cleared of any debris or vegetation. The cracks are then filled with properly mixed DOT approved hot rubber crack filling. The over-banding process not only fills the existing crack, but creates an overlay to prevent that crack from opening further. The routing approach follows the same steps but first involves cutting a groove along the existing crack to give the hot rubber crack filling a broader surface to which it can adhere.

Our experienced professionals will access the condition of your pavement and advise the best hot rubber crack filling approach for your project. We’ve met the maintenance needs a wide variety of businesses and commercial facilities in the Richmond, Kentucky area. We welcome the opportunity to earn your business! Contact us today to discuss your hot rubber crack filling project!