Parking Lot Striping

Not only will professional parking lot striping enhance the aesthetic value of your paved surface, it will also provide a host of functional benefits. By indicating proper vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow, parking lot striping improves the safety of your lot. Designation of handicapped parking helps you comply with ADA regulations. A safe and accessible lot that makes it easier for customers to park at your facility will make it easier for customers to do business with you.

Miller Maintenance has extensive experience in providing professional  parking lot striping  services. Our clients have found that quality parking lot striping not only helps to ensure a good parking experience for employees and patrons, it also provides a great return on the investment. Since a well maintained parking lot with clear markings and signage decreases the likelihood of accidents and liability, the benefits of parking lot striping can be immeasurable.

Your parking lot has a significant impact on your businesses success. Trust our years of parking lot striping experience for the maintenance all of your properties. Our thorough knowledge of planning, layout, line striping, signage, car stops, and ADA compliance offers you a clear advantage in providing a superior parking experience.

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